How to Get a Guy Like You: A Best eBook-Guide

You want to know How to Get a Guy Like You completely the way you like him, but of course you cannot force him to like you, so you need to know the certain things that can help you in this manner.

You definitely have done your best to make it go further and gave him the feelings which can develop a healthy relationship, but all your efforts did not seem to affect him properly. It might be possible that you are lacking tips and tricks that can make it easy for you and a complete guide that will help you to make him like you.

Do not worry you have come to the right place. This eBook guide “His secret obsession” is the best guide you will ever have. You will get 100 percent working tips and a complete guide about how to get a guy like you and many more things.

How to Get a Guy Like You

Here are some of the tips To How to Get a Guy Like You:

  1. A good reflection
  2. A good sense of humor
  3. Make him comfortable with you
  4. Compliment him

 A good reflection:

If you want to impress someone you have to develop a good reflection, wear good clothes and a strong personality. Then you can show him how amazing you are. He would be wealthy if he has you.

It’s all about self-confidence that can be achieved by having a good reflection, it will make you feel secure. A good reflection will leave a sparkling impression on him. Bu implementing this tip can increase the chances of how to get him like you. There are many more have written in the eBook about how to develop a good reflection that you can use.

A good sense of humor:

Everybody likes a person who has a good sense of humor, it makes a person full of life, helps to stay positive in hard times. By having this quality, you can impress anyone but when it comes to your special one it gets difficult.

This eBook will guide you with the best tips that how to develop or how to use your good sense of humor with your special one. When to laugh, when to stay quiet etc.

Make him comfortable with you:

It’s very important for you to get frank with him if you want to take your relationship with him to the next level that can be done by making him comfortable with you. Without any hesitation try to get to know each other.

Eye contact is a good technique to get used to each other, it will help you to control awkwardness that often happens in starting. Make your conversation long day by day can definitely be comfortable with you. once he gets to the comfort level with you, he will start liking you.

Compliment him:

Complimenting him will help you to make a good place in his heart. If you want to make a guy like you then you have to keep complimenting him about his clothes, his hair style, his sense of humor, and his doings.

This effort will make him realize that you are serious about him and you want him to stay happy. Just do not overdo it – guys can be shy about that sort of thing. A simple “I love the color of your eyes” is all you need to say.


Of course, there are more ways by which you can know How to Get a Guy Like You, however, few are mentioned here and you can know more of them if you read the ebook. The guide will help you to get his utmost attention and you can make him obsessed over you.